Marta YanciMarta’s Kitchen is the boutique Dubai catering company. It is the realization of a lifelong dream of Marta Yanci: a lawyer by education but a cook by passion. With a vast heritage of gourmet food tradition from her parents,
who were avid customers of Spain’s best restaurants, she and her husband shared a passion for food, which translated into spending all their students savings to travel Europe to discover the continent’s best restaurants. While many friends considered it a waste of time and money, this passion fuelled their shared dream to one day open a food business in the distant future.


Everything changed when they moved to the UAE. After some years in the country and many compliments on her home cooking, Marta started to plan a catering business and created the first set of canape-based and buffet style setups, based on the family’s recipes, the lessons learned at Europe’s best restaurants and a considerable collection of food literature.

After testing the grounds with friends and family, Marta and her husband decided to open a small business to offer superior catering services tailored to the tastes of a wide variety of customers: from real-made home food to the most avant-garde innovative gastronomy available on some of the world’s best restaurants.

Marta's WorkshopToday, Marta’s Kitchen is one of Dubai’s most established and reputed boutique caterers and delivers quality catering to Dubai’s greatest foodies. Marta has also become a TV chef, starring in her own
cooking show for two seasons running on Canal Cocina, Spain’s leading food TV channel. She has published her first (of many) cookbooks and has opened a successful lunch-only restaurant, Marta’s Workshop.


Marta’s Kitchen success depends on its customers; that’s why Marta ensures that every delivery and every catering project is made to meet and surpass the standards of her clients. It is driven by a supreme passion for food and not money, because this business does not prioritize profit but rather “bon appetit!”