First, please select your canapes menu

Select one of the three canapes menus


For AED 165 per person, the Platinum option entitles you to the following items:

  • Three (3) items from the Delicacy menu
  • Three (3) items from the Finesse menu
  • Three (3) items from the Gourmet menu


For AED 140 per person, the Gold option entitles you to the following items:

  • Two (2) items from the Delicacy menu
  • Three (3) items from the Finesse menu
  • Three (3) items from the Gourmet menu


For AED 110 per person, the Silver option entitles you to the following items:

  • One (1) item from the Delicacy menu
  • Two (2)items from the Finesse menu
  • Four (4) items from the Gourmet menu

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Delicacy  Canapes Menu

Beef tenderloin with caramelized shallots

Beef tenderloin over purple puree and apple salsa

Beef tenderloin stuffed with prunes and apple sauce

Tuna and beetroot tartar

Marinated salmon and avocado tartar

Shrimp and avocado surprises

Calamari in black sauce

Mushroom mousse served in mini cones

Shiitake dumplings with roasted chicken consommé

Finesse Canapes Menu

Beef burger with caramelized onion in potato bun

BBQ short rib mini sliders

Vietnamese prawn spring rolls with a lime and chili dip

Traditional ceviche

Asian style ceviche

Crunchy shrimps with green tabasco

Mini meatballs with grandma’s secret sauce

Avocado cream with crab and mango salad

Crab and cocktail sauce tartlet

Green hummus with smoked salmon

Carrot and hoisin dumplings

Smoked salmon canapes

Mini spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Leek and tarragon tartlet

Beetroot gazpacho and green apple air

Pressed sweet melon, marinated salmon and crunchy cecina

Miso marinated chicken mini skewers and caramelized pineapple

Beetroot hummus and creamy goat’s cheese

Cecina and arugula roll with tomato and pistachio relish

Risotto balls (shiitake)

Baba ganoush with pomegranate caviar

Gourmet Canapes Menu

Tender chicken, marinated cherry tomato and pesto mini tartlets

Cheese and sun dried tomato mousse mini cones

Assorted croquets (chicken, cheese and onion)

Traditional gazpacho shot

Watermelon gazpacho and marinated prawn

Creamy goat’s cheese and homemade tomato jam

Creamy goat’s cheese and caramelized onion

Caprese in a glass

Smoked salmon mousse served in a mini cone

Black olive tapenade and shaved Manchego cheese

Mini salmon cakes with a youghurt and chipotle dip

Labneh, cucumber and dill tartlet